Traffic in Thornhill

What action is Alan taking to deal with traffic problems in Thornhill?


As a member of Vaughan Council, I take responsibility for all traffic concerns... on all residential streets under the jurisdiction of the City of Vaughan in Ward 5.


Unlike residential streets though, all major roads in the area; Yonge, Bathurst, Dufferin and Centre, are totally under the jurisdiction of York Region. That means that all decisions relating to traffic, construction and transit are made by Regional Councillors, not Ward Councillors.


Beverly Glen is a good example of how I approach traffic concerns on the roads within my area of responsibility.


Beverly Glen is the major feeder road for the area north of Centre Street. It begins at Bathurst and ends at Dufferin, inviting vehicles to use it as a cut through street. Especially now, with the construction taking place on Centre Street and more traffic on the major arterial roads, Beverly Glen is increasingly busy.


Over the years I have worked with our staff to implement measures to improve safety and slow down traffic on the street. This has included such significant measures as installing a traffic signal near Wilshire Elementary School, adding stop signs, placing speed bumps and lowering the speed limit. All these actions have helped to calm traffic on the street.


With the recent increase in traffic and in response to requests from residents I held a meeting in late September with City traffic engineers and the York Regional Police. After reviewing the current situation we are implementing further measures to deal with the traffic including increasing police presence on the street to ensure compliance with stop signs and speed limits. Staff are also looking at improving the impact of the current traffic calming measures that are currently in place. Further signage is also being considered.


Taking action to deal with traffic issues is an ongoing task of a Ward Councillor. With no authority to deal with the gridlock on arterial roads, I have done everything within my power to  ask the Region to take measures when residents bring their concerns to my attention.