What is Councillor Shefman's position on the redevelopment and revitalization of the Promenade Mall?


The Promenade revitalization proposal put forward by the new owners of the mall is mostly a positive for the Thornhill community.

I doubt if anyone has difficulty in recognizing that the renewal and expansion plan for the retail space at the mall property is very encouraging. It provides a significant positive economic impact on our City, with jobs (especially for young people) and of course the commercial taxes that we use to lower residential taxes. As well, we can’t forget that many malls of this category are closing and being replaced by swaths of high density buildings – I sure don’t want to see that happen here!

The addition of well-designed residential condos is surely not excessive on a property of this size – especially so when their placement, adjacent to the mall building, will not impact the single-family homes in the area.

The addition of more jobs in the office component will also be a positive as well as a new hotel to serve the area.

The first stage of the long-term plan is now in progress with two condos being built where the Sears store was located. As well new retail will be integrated into this area. Also a park is planned to connect the existing Trudeau Park to the south west corner of the Mall.

As Ward 5 Councillor, I have made a commitment that at every stage of the process, the community will have a strong voice, and an opportunity to actively participate.