What has Councillor Shefman done to keep taxes low?


Over the years that I have sat on Council I have made every effort to follow the principal of keeping property taxes as low as possible while maintaining services at the highest level possible. This approach has forced the City to be financially responsible and efficient. We need to spend our limited funds in a way that meets our priorities as a rapidly growing municipality by being innovative and efficient.

It is important for residents to understand that 75% of your property taxes are charged by York Region and for education.

Over the last ten years the City of Vaughan has had the third lowest accumulated tax increases of all the municipalities in the Greater GTA – less than 3% on an annual basis and, in response to COVID, no increase in 2020.

At the same time we have undertaken a massive park renewal program (York Hill, Glen  Shields, Rosedale North), the largest building renewal project (Garnet Williams Community Centre) in our history and the Clark Avenue complete street rebuild.