Support Alan

We need your support to re-elect Alan and continue to have experienced leadership for Thornhill. Your donation will allow Alan's team to reach more residents of Thornhill to talk about the issues that concern you most.

In 2022, the City of Vaughan makes it easier than ever to contribute.

A donation of $200 will only cost you $50! 

If you donate $200, you will receive a $150 rebate (a cheque, not a tax rebate!) after the election.

If you want to contribute this amount... You'll get a rebate for this amount! Total Cost to you After Rebate
$300 $150 ONLY $150
$250 $150  ONLY $100
$200 $150 ONLY  $50
$175 $131.25 ONLY $43.75
$150 $112.50 ONLY $37.50
$125 $93.75 ONLY $31.25
$100 $75 ONLY $25
$75 $56.25 ONLY $18.75
$50 $37.50 ONLY $12.50
Rebates are in the form of a cheque and will be issued by the City of Vaughan in 2023. Donations cannot be claimed on your income tax return. Only Vaughan residents qualify for rebates.