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Get involved in the Re-elect Alan Shefman Election Campaign!

We need your help to run our campaign - Let's work together to create a great city!

With the election taking place on October 27, it is key to have volunteers available from just after Labour Day until election day. We fully appreciate how busy everyone is, but if you have a few hours to many, many hours available it would be so helpful to have you involved in our campaign. Our focus will be on communicating with the residents of Ward 5 - Thornhill in as many ways as possible.

Please note that there will be jobs that can be done from your home as well as those that will be done at our campaign office.

Some of the many jobs available:

o Canvassing with Alan Shefman
o Telephoning residents of the Ward
o Keeping track of our lists - volunteers and supporters
o Maintaining our on-line presence
o Placing signs around the area
o Distributing information at key locations

o Writing material for the Alan Shefman Web site
o Fundraising to support the campaign
o Election day activities - contacting supporters, scrutineering

Sign-up to Volunteer Today!! 
(let us know how you can help & when you are available)




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