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The Rapidway

People are asking about the VivaNext bus Rapidway being built primarily along Highway 7 in Vaughan and Markham
General information is available at:

Recently Viva produced an information brochure on the Thornhill area:



A resident recently wrote to me expressing his concern that some people are against providing rapid transit in our community when most municipalities would "kill" to have such an opportunity to lessen gridlock. He raised the issue of the huge disruption while the infrastructure is being built. I agreed with him - there is
enormous disruption when major projects are being built, but regrettably there is no magic to building rapid transit in a developed area.

Here is how I responded to him.

As I think you can understand from what I wrote to you earlier, I am a passionate advocate for the development of rapid transit in our City and throughout the GTA. If there is one truth it is that transit has no municipal boundaries. All you want as a user is to get to your destination quickly, efficiently and with reasonable cost.
I don't understand the opponents of the Rapidway. I can't begin to understand why anyone would oppose building rapid transit that passes through your neighbourhood (great for housing values!), goes by one of the largest regional commercial centres (The Promenade) and is adjacent to the largest high density development (Thornhill Town Centre) in York Region. Oh, I almost forgot. Eventually the Rapidway will allow residents living in the area to get to two subway lines (Yonge Street when it is built to Richmond Hill and Vaughan Metro Centre when it opens in a couple of years) in about ten minutes. It all sounds pretty good to me. And besides, in building the Rapidway on Centre Street, we will receive the benefit of a very tired and unattractive streetscape being transformed to an attractive and walkable place.

By the way, for your information, as much as I think the Rapidway is a good idea, I have had absolutely nothing to do with either its route or even its approval. That responsibility is with Metrolinx and York Region. We don't deal with transit at the City level in York Region.

Hope this is helpful to you.
Best regards, and thanks for taking such an interest in our community.


Success - another Shefman initiative approved!

On September 9, Council approved my recommendation to place permanent dynamic digital signs in key locations around the city. These signs will be used to communicate with residents about events, issues, meeting and emergencies around Thornhill. The signs will also be available to community organizations.

And even better is that the cost for this initiative is almost nothing due to the the public/private partnership agreement that we approved.

Not only will we be able to better communicate with our residents, it will allow the City to remove the mobile signs that clutter up our neighbourhoods.

Back in for Safety

About a year ago I got a call from a resident living on North Meadow Crescent. She wanted to know what we could do to educate residents to back into their driveways. She had just witnessed a very near miss when one of her neighbours was backing out of their driveway and almost hit a child.

Yesterday I got into my car, checked both ways and started to back out. I just missed hitting a woman walking by on the sidewalk!!!

Driving around Thornhill you will see most homes have a short driveway, usually one and a half car lengths, then a sidewalk and finally a boulevard before the road. Once you start backing out your vehicle, it is just a moment before you are crossing the sidewalk. While it may take a few more seconds to park your car, it will really improve safety and the potential for an accident if you just back into your driveway.

As a sidebar I visited a company the other day at their head office. The rule for their parking lot is that it is mandatory for everyone using their parking lot to back into the parking spots. For them it is part of their overall approach to safety.

So here it is. Not a promise and not really even an election issue, but more of what I hope will become a ground swell information/education campaign to ask residents in Thornhill to BACK IN FOR SAFETY!


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