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What People are saying about
Alan Shefman

dy Keshen – President and CEO, Reena

His understanding of how community institutions work is reflected in his efforts to ensure that we are successful in our efforts to provide people with developmentatl disabilities the opportunity to realize their full potential. His background as an advocate for rights issues and his personal integrity are attributes that we need to ensure continue on Vaughan Council.


Bob Bak – President, Korean-Canadian Alliance

As a representative of the diverse communities that make up our City, Alan Shefman has a proven track record of working with integrity to deal with the real issues of the people of Vaughan. Not only does he always work in a respectful manner, he listens to what people have to say and takes immediate and vigorous action to find solutions.


Dr. Judy Gortler, Vaughan Resident

Thank you for taking the time to help us solve our deck problem. It’s nice to know that you, as ward councillor, listen to your constituents.


Isabella Ferarra, President, SAVI
Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiative

My experience working as a volunteer and an advocate for Seniors' issues in Vaughan is that Councillor Alan Shefman is a principled and strong leader in our community. Whenever he gets involved he considers all points of view and helps lead his colleagues to come to the best decisions possible. His passion on environmental, accountability and financial management issues for Vaughan have benefited all citizens.


Ellise Gasner, Vaughan Resident, Civic Hero

Alan Shefman has been very approachable in his position as Councillor for Ward 5, Thornhill.  He returns calls and emails in a very prompt manner. He is proactive with community issues. He is a problem solver. He helps bridge the gap between the city centre and the resident. He gets personally involved in community activities.


Robb Stitt – Historic Thornhill, Civic Hero

I have had the opportunity to work with Alan Shefman for over five years in my various roles relating to the preservation of historic Thornhill. Throughout that time Alan has been steadfast in his support to ensure that this very important part of Vaughan will retain its unique character. Alan is someone who listens and responds with integrity to the issues important to his constituents.

Noor Din - South Asian Community Member / Leader

Alan has been a great advocate of equity and diversity and has helped in  creating a discrimination free environment  that resulted in bringing diverse communities closer. 


Rabbi Israel Landa, Executive Director, Beth Chabad Israeli Community

Beth Chabad Israeli Community was privileged to have the opportunity to honour Councillor Alan Shefman at our annual Spirit of Community Dinner in 2009. We presented him with the 'Community Service Award' in recognition of his efforts on behalf of the community.


Dominic Lee, President, First Chinese Senior Association of Vaughan

As a senior and a member of Vaughan’s Chinese community I have been impressed by Alan Shefman’s efforts in support of the issues that are important to the residents of Vaughan. Alan is clearly a leader on both seniors and diversity issues. I support his vision and the steps he has taken to ensure that Vaughan is a strong, well-managed City.


Tahmena Bokhari, Vaughan Resident and Professor, Seneca College

At a time when Vaughan needs strong, ethical leadership we need Alan Shefman to continue his efforts on Council. Through his words and actions over the last number of years Alan has shown his principled approach to decision making and has not hesitated to lead the most difficult issues.


Rob Brown, Vaughan resident and Civic Hero

Alan is a committed and responsive representative of his Ward 5 constituents and the City of Vaughan.

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