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Welcome from Alan Shefman

I am proud to have served as your Councillor for Ward 5 - Thornhill since 2004. Thank you for your trust and support.

Over the years I have gained an extraordinary insight into the Thornhill community and the City of Vaughan. My knowledge of the workings of our community has allowed me the ability to quickly and effectively respond to the issues that residents bring to me on a daily basis.

People often ask how I am able to deal with people always complaining about things. My response is simple: I don't consider the issues that residents are concerned about to be "complaints" but rather, they are what is important to people living in Thornhill. Every time I get such a call I gain a better understanding of the community as well as get the opportunity to quickly solve the problem.

The term of office that is drawing to a close has been productive and extremely positive. Members of Council have worked cooperatively together to move forward major City projects - the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital and the subway extension - while at all times managing your tax dollars efficiently and effectively.

While I am proud of my achievements over the years, I am very excited about the possibilities and challenges before us in the next term.

If you would like to know more about my background, beliefs and achievements please feel free to browse through this web site or, even better, write me at alan@shefman.ca or call 905-709-1163.

Looking forward to talking with you as I canvass throughout our community.


Alan Shefman is Committed to:

  • Listening to people and helping to solve problems as they arise
  • Strengthening municipal accountability in Vaughan
  • Providing for the highest value for your tax dollars
  • Always acting in an ethical, responsive and accountable manner
  • Championing the building of the Yonge Street subway extension to Richmond Hill
  • Promoting environmental programs that reduce waste and  promote recyling - such as Greening Vaughan
  • Working with the community to develop appropriate and sustainable growth strategies
  • Enhancing community safety by working cooperatively with the Police
  • Being responsive to the growing diversity of our communities
  • Planning our City to establish and maintain the best environment possible, including walkability, transit oriented, human scale development, dynamic economic base, highest quality services.

39 Years of Community Leadership and Experience

o  Trustee, York Region District School Board - Chair, Race Relations Committee
o  Director, Communications & Education, Ontario Human Rights Commission
o  National Director, League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada
o  Chair, Yorkhill Elementary School Council
o  Trustee, Vaughan Library Board
o  Judge, Court of Revision, City of Vaughan
o  Member, Canadian Jewish Congress Community Relations Committee
o  Chair, Vaughan Committee on Race and Ethnocultural Relations
o  President, York University Alumni Association
o  Member, Board of Governors, York University
o  Fellow, McLaughlin College, York University
o  Member of the Board, Toronto Branch, Canadian Diabetes Association
o  Associate, York University Centre for Practical Ethics

Councillor Alan Shefman - Activities and Responsibilities 2004 - 2014

o  Task Force on Festivals and Events, Member
o  City of Vaughan Task Force on Residential Condominiums. (Chair)
o  PowerStream, Director
o  Budget Committee (Chair)
o  Greening Vaughan Advisory Committee (Chair)
o  Accountability and Transparency Committee (Chair)
o  Community Equity and Diversity Committee (Chair)
o  Environment Committee (Vice-Chair)
o  Vaughan Library Board (Trustee)
o  Vaughan Community Healthcare Centre Corporation, Board of Directors
o  Intergovernmental Relations Committee
o  Council/School Board Liaison Committee
o  Official Plan Review Committee
o  Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Advisory Committee
o  Strategic Planning Committee
o  Vaughan Holdings Inc.
o  Hydro Vaughan Energy Corporation (HVEC)
o  Hydro Vaughan Holdings Inc. (HVHI)
o  Yonge Street Subway Advisory Task Force, York Region
o  Gallanough Resource Centre, Board Member
o  Don Watershed Regeneration Council (TRCA)
o  Hearing Committee for Licencing Matters
o  Task Force on Democratic Participation and Renewal (Council Liaison Officer)
o  Access Vaughan Steering Committee
o  Heritage Vaughan Committee
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